RMOD’s unique turn-key services complement the modular manufacturing process for maximum development efficiency.

Pre-development Services

from schematic design through construction documents and permitting

  • Experienced in-house development team
  • Best-in-class architects, engineers, and consultants
  • Full integration between on-site and off-site scopes
  • RMOD centralized process
  • Permitting and approvals for both on-site and off-site scopes
  • Comprehensive understanding of city and state jurisdictions
  • Previously approved, off-the-shelf modules and building configurations
  • Permit expediting through product familiarity
  • Construction coordination


from factory to site

  • Transportation planning and implementation
  • Temporary staging site, security and insurance
  • Detailed on-site coordination plans
  • Set/connect planning and coordination
  • Extensive pre-planning process
  • Full integration and coordination with general contractor


erect, set and connect

  • Extensive pre-planning process
  • Best-in-class specialized set and connect crew that focuses exclusively on modular installations
  • Full on-site integration and coordination with General Contractor

Additional Services

Financing services for modular developments

RMOD specializes in offering financing solutions that satisfy the requirements unique to our clients’ modular developments. RMOD understands the challenges experienced obtaining debt and equity financing on modular projects, which is why we also have a network of lenders, brokers and consultants to assist our clients in building their capital stack.


Contractor Selection

RMOD will work with your team to find a preapproved and vetted contractor specializing in modular construction or will certify and onboard your preferred contractor to ensure seamless project execution, guaranteeing full integration of both off-site and on-site scopes.