The RMOD Optimized Modular Delivery Process streamlines the entire development and construction process, from pre-development through setting modules onsite.

RMOD's experienced development team fully supports multifamily developers throughout the entire development process. The RMOD delivery process is optimized for success by using pre-engineered/pre-designed multifamily modules and offering a wide range of pre-configured buildings that can be fully customized. This concept greatly reduces the pre-development timeline, allowing module manufacturing and onsite construction to commence much sooner compared to typical modular projects and conventional construction. Our clients simply provide their site plan and entitlement information and RMOD manages the process from there.

vs. Conventional
Timeline Comparison

what we do

Step 1

Online Conception – “Conception Study”

  • Client provides site plan and entitlement data
  • RMOD prepares a Conception Study to include:
    • Modular viability Preliminary schedule and budget
    • Massing plan
    • Unit Layout 
  • Client executes RMOD contract for pre-development services
what we do
Step 2

Design, Permitting & Financing

  • RMOD assists client in selecting qualified design team
  • RMOD oversees design team to design and integrate on-site and off-site scopes
  • RMOD development team advises on available financial incentives and credits
  • RMOD generates detailed “Total Project” budget and schedule (on-site and off-site)
  • RMOD supports team in submitting to governing agencies for permits approvals of on-site and off-site work
  • RMOD introduces client to modular friendly debt/equity providers if needed
what we do
what we do

Step 3

Module Fabrication

  • Fully managed and coordinated by RMOD
  • Best-in-class manufacturing
  • Concurrent construction of on-site and off-site work for time savings
what we do
Step 4

Transportation, Staging, Set & Connect

  • RMOD manages the entire process
  • Best-in-class transportation and set/connect teams
  • RMOD identifies, secures and insures nearby staging site
  • RMOD is the single point of contact
  • RMOD delivers, sets and connects the modules onsite and coordinates with general contractor
what we do