RMOD, an off-site building solutions provider,
builds smarter, quicker and cost-effectively.

Our Story

Relevant Group is a vertically integrated, design-focused real estate development company with more than 100 years combined experience in development and construction, and a portfolio featuring more than $1 billion in current projects. Through a focus on distinctive lifestyle developments, Relevant Group has earned a reputation for creating placemaking destinations that enliven urban neighborhoods.


In 2017, after acquiring properties with affordable housing covenants and a requirement to replace units one to one, aligned with an unprecedent housing crisis, Relevant Group began dedicating efforts towards the affordable housing sector and Relevant Living was formed.

Company Overview

The challenge to finding alternative building methods was eminent and we saw modular construction as a response – the vehicle for success.

Modular construction is a well-established industry that has been around for decades offering numerous benefits. We were specifically looking for a company that would seamlessly help manage the process from beginning to end, however, we found an industry filled with bespoke solution without complete specificity. What we were looking for did not exist on the scale that we needed, so we sought out to do it not only for ourselves but for other developers looking for the same all-encompassing solution.

Our objective is to provide a means to infill and facilitate the housing demand by streamlining and simplifying the entire process to deliver high-value, superior quality, low-to-mid-rise developments with certainty and speed.


Modular manufacturers know modular construction. RMOD has the best-in-class modular team combined with Relevant Group’s in-house development experts, allowing RMOD to provide exceptional modular solutions with the full support of an experienced development team. The RMOD team is geographically disbursed to provide local knowledge on a nationwide and international scale. RMOD is an organization of best-in-class. We are a centralized processor/conduit flow of services and deliverables from developer to manufacturing to construction coordination in the field.