What is modular construction?

While all modular buildings are produced using “modules,” the RMOD. Optimized Modular Fabrication Process is unique. Every individual module is manufactured from a pre-approved, pre-engineered Precision-Frame, that is first determined and designed online, then constructed In-Factory under quality-and-climate-controlled conditions to the same codes and standards of conventional buildings. Once the entire project is finished - including MEP, FF&E, facades and exterior finish - RMOD preps and ships it to the site, where it is quickly and efficiently assembled. The result is a high-value building indistinguishable from to traditional constructions.
Because most of a modular building is manufactured off- site, the financial structure of a modular project differs from traditional projects. Since debt financing may not be available until the modules are delivered on site, RMOD offers alternative and advantageous financing solutions.
Absolutely. From our pre-engineered, pre-approved Precision-Frames fitted out in our state-of-the-art factories to our in-house designers and engineers, and partnerships with best in class architects, engineers and consultants, RMOD guarantees delivery of a product built to meet or exceed any-and-all building regulations.
While the life span and warranties of any modular building is comparable to a conventional building, RMOD delivers a product with higher quality and performance due to our industry-leading optimized manufacturing process.
The benefits of modular building include optimized sustainability, cost, speed-to-market, value, certainty, logistics, quality, and design.
We believe long-term partnerships lower cost while adding value by providing the opportunity to invest and jointly optimize the product.
STEP 01 / Online Conception:
The RMOD Online-Conception process helps to determine and design the various solutions best suited for your project, using our intuitive Check-To-Spec tools.

STEP 02 / In-Factory Fabrication:
The RMOD In-Factory Fabrication process means all project installs - including the MEP, finishes, fixtures and full interiors - are completed in-factory using our Precision Frame Program in our quality-and-climate controlled environment. Significantly reducing on-site time and expenditures.

STEP 03 / On-Site Connection
RMOD preps and ships the entire project optimized for completion using our Connect-And-Erect assembly system, resulting in high-value buildings with similar warranties and lifespans as traditionally constructed buildings
RMOD delivers the entire completed order.
While the general contractor performs the installation, RMOD provides training and technical advisors on-site to assist the Connect-And-Erect process of assembling the Precision-Frames. In addition, the general contractor’s installation team can also be trained at our factories, prior to delivery.
While the general contractor provides the on-site lifting crane, RMOD will provide all load requirements and the various, necessary lifting gear.
RMOD operates two state-of-the-art factories, in Mexico and China.
The Precision-Frames are delivered to full internal completion, including MEP and FF&E, along with exterior components. By virtue of our optimized fabrication process, the variety of options is effectively unlimited.
RMOD utilizes a proprietary Connect-And-Erect assembly system for quick and efficient completion on site.
100 modules. Smaller quantities will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Repeating orders will be considered as one.
Either a concrete podium, steel podium, or ground floor slab.
No. By using our exclusive pre-engineered, pre-approved Precision-Frames, testing is completed at our factories and all testing certification is issued by RMOD prior to shipping. The general contractor is fully responsible for all on-site testing and commissioning of the integrated building systems prior to completion.
No. We only provide the inner lining. All top linings, flooring, ceilings and MEP connections are carried out on-site by the general contractor.
The leader in facade treatments for modular construction STO PANELS - is the preferred supplier to RMOD. All windows, inner-leaf, and insulation are installed in-factory, creating an exceptionally weatherproof product. Additional prefabricated exterior components, including attachment points for fins, balconies, and other elements, are shipped ready to be installed using our Connect-And-Erect assembly.